The Immortal Sea


We come from the sea; we are of it but not in it.
Made of water and salt, we carry our ocean inside
but we no longer comprehend our own origins,
If we ever did.


The desert canyons and mesas were once the seafloor
that our most distant kin knew as home.
We walk among fish that perished eons ago.
Just pry up that stone.


The antediluvian seas are gone now, turned to stone
along with our Cambrian ancestors who dwelt there.
We have lost our fins and thrown off our scales.
Blessed by time and luck.


We left all that behind. We’re proud – we flatter ourselves
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” — but what of the immortal sea?
It lies deep and unrecognized but still gives us life.
The tides call to us…we come from the sea.

     *     *     *

Enchanted, More or Less – 2017


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